ECO WATERPROOF FLOOR Inc. worked hard to keep the best quality of our products and services. Our team works professionally, whirch helped to keep our company in good standing for all our customers. We service all waterproof flooring needs from simple sales consultation to installation. We work closely with real estate companies, contractors, interior designers and home owners.


Eco Waterproof Flooring was developed after 5 years scientific research and got 3 aspect of patent, leading the floor industry to environment-friendly and healthy development. Nano-charring high-technology is also applied, through which the resin fiber is charred through high temperature. Molded by high pressure, then cut floor in to various dimensions by advance equipment introduced from Germany. The base material is purified by super adhesion technology, and the face layer treatment adopted wood grain tracking servo technology controlled by micro-computer, diamond platinum crystal surface wear & anti-scratch technology and super adhesion technology.